SSL Protocols and Ciphers

Sentry's API, dashboard, and event submission require a minimum TLS version of 1.2 to communicate securely.

Sentry provides a suite of protocols and ciphers that focus on giving our users a balance of security and compatibility. Our servers will negotiate a cipher to the most secure combination the client can support in the preferential order specified below. The set of ciphers depends on the endpoint and negotiated TLS version.

TLS versions 1.2 and 1.3 are supported for both Sentry's API, dashboard, and legacy event submission (via, and for event ingestion domains (via *

Supported ciphers:

  • TLS_AES_128_GCM_SHA256
  • TLS_AES_256_GCM_SHA384
  • TLS_CHACHA20_POLY1305_SHA256


This suite of protocols and ciphers represents Sentry's official support; however, clients may experience an agreement on individual ciphers that exceed the strength ratings of those listed above.

At the moment, Sentry uses Digicert and Let's Encrypt as certificate authorities for all TLS certificates. If this needs to be changed, we will publish an announcement on

Here are corresponding root CA certificates if you would like to pin them in your applications:

DigiCert Global Root CA
Valid until: 10/Nov/2031
Serial Number: 08:3B:E0:56:90:42:46:B1:A1:75:6A:C9:59:91:C7:4A
SHA1 Fingerprint: A8:98:5D:3A:65:E5:E5:C4:B2:D7:D6:6D:40:C6:DD:2F:B1:9C:54:36
SHA256 Fingerprint: 43:48:A0:E9:44:4C:78:CB:26:5E:05:8D:5E:89:44:B4:D8:4F:96:62:BD:26:DB:25:7F:89:34:A4:43:C7:01:61

DigiCert Global Root G2
Valid until: 15/Jan/2038
Serial Number: 03:3A:F1:E6:A7:11:A9:A0:BB:28:64:B1:1D:09:FA:E5
SHA1 Fingerprint: DF:3C:24:F9:BF:D6:66:76:1B:26:80:73:FE:06:D1:CC:8D:4F:82:A4
SHA256 Fingerprint: CB:3C:CB:B7:60:31:E5:E0:13:8F:8D:D3:9A:23:F9:DE:47:FF:C3:5E:43:C1:14:4C:EA:27:D4:6A:5A:B1:CB:5F
ISRG Root X1
Valid until: 04/Jun/2035
Serial Number: 82:10:cf:b0:d2:40:e3:59:44:63:e0:bb:63:82:8b:00
SHA1 Fingerprint: CA:BD:2A:79:A1:07:6A:31:F2:1D:25:36:35:CB:03:9D:43:29:A5:E8
SHA256 Fingerprint: 96:BC:EC:06:26:49:76:F3:74:60:77:9A:CF:28:C5:A7:CF:E8:A3:C0:AA:E1:1A:8F:FC:EE:05:C0:BD:DF:08:C6

ISRG Root X2
Valid until: 17/Sep/2040
Serial Number: 41:d2:9d:d1:72:ea:ee:a7:80:c1:2c:6c:e9:2f:87:52
SHA1 Fingerprint: BD:B1:B9:3C:D5:97:8D:45:C6:26:14:55:F8:DB:95:C7:5A:D1:53:AF
SHA256 Fingerprint: 69:72:9B:8E:15:A8:6E:FC:17:7A:57:AF:B7:17:1D:FC:64:AD:D2:8C:2F:CA:8C:F1:50:7E:34:45:3C:CB:14:70
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